My first introduction to spoon carving occurred in childhood through the tutelage of my father, a long time woodworker. As an adult, I returned to the wood shop to build Rustic Furniture, re-introducing myself to spoon carving as a pass-time alongside more serious endeavors. However, spoon making became an increasingly viable aspect of my business- to the point where I now have to tear myself away from carving to build furniture. Spoon making adds a sweet balance to the work I love to do; a wooden spoon is an object of beauty displaying a marriage of sculptural aesthetic and the unique qualities inherent to different species of trees. As it ages within a home, a well-loved spoon gathers memories of all the pots it has stirred, becoming a treasured heirloom as well as a utilitarian kitchen tool. Wooden spoons remind me to think about the origins of the the food I eat and how to maintain a life that is simple, hard working and sustainably beautiful.

I carve my spoons in a free form manner, discovering designs as I work. It is a naturally fluid way of wood working that allows me to stay open to the qualities of each specific piece of wood and work with, rather than against the material. I strive for strength and practicality, as well as aesthetically pleasing designs. 

I carve with an array of instruments, mainly hand tools. Amongst my favorites are my Rochester- made 1837 drawknife and a handful of chisels and hook/spoon knives. I sand each spoon from 220 grit all the way through to 2000 grit(unless otherwise noted), raising the grain between each grit, to attain the smoothest finish possible. My spoons are finished with a homemade blend of mineral oil and beeswax and can be refinished with the same, or a similar product, as needed.

It is wise to have realistic expectations of how a spoon will wear, though I sincerely hope they are used and not feared. Wood soaks up water and drys out, sometimes with heavy wear they crack, or chip and fuz up. It's ok. Protect them to the extent you wish to but keep using them as they age...we all age, it doesn't mean we're broken or less valuable. Do keep them out of the dishwasher though and the less time they spend soaking in water the better. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns on the matter!

I will ship within 2-4 business days, let me know if you need a rushed order. If you want to return a product please contact me with your concerns and I will be reasonably accomodating.

I sign all my spoons with a simple makers mark, but for $5 I will happily customize your spoon for you. I use a woodburner and can easily add a name, simple message, date or the like to your spoon to make it more personal. 

Thank you for supporting my ability to do what I love for a living. 

-Chara Dow

Rochester New York



instagram: @cdowrustic